3D animal tattoo designs made with 3D printing

A team of scientists from India and China have developed an automated, 3D tattoo design program that allows people to design animals using a 3D printer.

The team, led by Dr. Sanjiv Kumar, a scientist at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bangalore, developed a 3-D printing system that uses an algorithm to create animal tattoos in an additive manufacturing process.

The tattoo is then 3D printed on a plastic substrate.

The ink is then applied to the skin of the animal, which is then filled with resin to create a solid tattoo.

“A tattoo design using 3D technology can be created at a relatively small scale,” said Dr. Kumar.

“With our new system, we can now make 3D designs of animals that are not possible with conventional 3D 3D printers.

This enables us to create new designs of natural objects, such as animals.”

The team says they have been using 3-d printing technology for a number of years, but had not realized the potential of the technology to make a 3d tattoo.

3D ink is not used in traditional 3D tattoos.

“Our technology has the potential to be very effective in the field of animal tattoos,” said senior scientist Dr. Deepak B. Thakur.

“The ability to create 3D-printed animals has the capacity to be really revolutionary for 3D engineering and tattooing.”

Dr. Thaksur added that the team has already begun experimenting with using 3DPrint in the manufacture of 3D art.

“It is also a very exciting area, because there is no such technology currently available to create artificial organs in 3D,” he said.

“This is the first time we have seen such an innovative approach in the creation of a 3DS.”

The 3-dimensional printing system is available for purchase from 3D Systems.

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