A new design for glasses for the cat owner

Glasses are not just for people with glasses; they’re also for people who wear glasses for their cats.

A design firm called The Cat House is taking design cues from the cats in their designs, which are meant to help cat owners feel comfortable and safe in their homes.

“This is a really good idea for the home environment,” said John Wiegand, the Cat House’s vice president of marketing.

“We want to make the cat home more like the cat’s home, not just a space where cats can get on their hind legs.”

The Cat House has partnered with the Animal Design Institute to create cat-friendly design kits.

They can be purchased online for $49.99, but there are a few other items that can be bought separately, like cat treats and a cat-shaped cat bed.

The Cathouse has also created a series of cat accessories.

These include cat ear brushes and cat toy bags.

Wiegand said they wanted to make cat accessories that were affordable for people to own, but also accessible for people not able to afford glasses.

Wergand said a cat owner might be able to take home a cat bed or a cat ear brush, but they would need to make it a cat item and then add a cat.

The Cathouse said a bed and ear brush can be made for about $50 and can be customized to a cat, cat toy or cat pet.

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