Anime designer’s salary jumps to $1.7M from $500,000

Animation design jobs have been trending in recent years, with salaries rising to $3,000 per year from $700.

This past January, we reported on the animation design of anime and manga for a job at Anime Central, an anime and comic streaming service.

Now, the animation designer’s salaries are on the rise.

According to Anime Central’s website, the salary for the animation director for the upcoming anime K-On!

anime series, Kyouko Minami, is now $1,868,000.

That’s a jump of $1 million from the previous year’s salary of $3 million.

Konami, the studio behind K-on!

said it is hiring animation directors to develop anime and other anime for the company’s forthcoming title, K-ON!, which is expected to debut in 2017.


will also feature characters from popular Japanese anime franchises such as Gatchaman Crowds, Mobile Suit Gundam, and Space Dandy, among others.

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