‘Flat Design’: Designer makes an animation design for pet animals

The first animated design for animals was created by designer Yotam Kaminer for his daughter.

His creation is called “Flat Art,” and it has become a viral sensation.

The designer says his design aims to “show that animals can be art, that it is possible to create something that is both beautiful and functional.”

His project, which he says is “an attempt to show that art is not a form of technology, that technology can not only be a means for creating art, but it can also be a form for creating empathy and compassion,” is part of a broader initiative called “Animal Design” that aims to help animals.

According to Kaminer, the design is based on the idea of “animals being animals,” and he wants his children to see the animal as a person, not a decoration.

Kaminer said the “Flats” design was born out of a desire to express empathy toward animals, even as it “has a more abstract and abstract artistry.”

“Animals, like people, have their own personalities and traits.

There is no universal way to express what is good and what is bad, and I wanted to create a design that was inclusive and could show that we can be good friends and compassionate toward animals,” Kaminer told The Associated Press.

Kramer said he wanted to “put animals on a level that no other art can, that is not limited to a pet,” and to make the designs feel like “they’re not just art pieces.

They are part of us.”

Kaminer told the AP that he began designing the designs in 2014.

He said he “tried to make something that was not only visually striking, but also felt authentic to the animals.”

“I thought, ‘I am an artist and I am trying to make art that I would like to see others create,'” Kaminer said.

“I wanted to show them that we are not objects or animals, that we could be people, that our personalities could be different from our bodies.”

The designs have been shared on social media by artists, including a dog who has his “Flatten” design on his website.

In another drawing, an “Animal” design for a dog is made out of white paper.

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