How to create a ‘neo-futurist’ avatar for the upcoming Nanoleaf Animal designs

If you’re in the mood for a little fashion, you’ve come to the right place.

A new site that lets you create a custom avatar for an anime avatar is currently available to members of the furry fandom.

The site, called AnimalDesign, has been created by an anime enthusiast and cat-lover named “Kiara” (pronounced KIR-ah).

Her work has received attention on Tumblr and Instagram and is featured in various cat-related news outlets, including Kotaku and The Verge.

You can check out the site’s full listing of available avatar templates below.

The creators say they’re not a traditional cat-themed site, but they have a cat avatar on their site, and they have done so to “create an easy way to create your own customized avatar.”

They’ve also included instructions on how to make your own cat-shaped pet collars and tails, which you can use for your own avatar.

To create your custom avatar, you simply need to pick a style, add some cat ears, and a cat-eye pattern, as well as attach it to an animal design.

You then just need to download and install the free AnimalDesign app.

To make sure the avatar is functional, you can add some padding around the eyes and use a small cat-tail clip to create some “guts” for the face.

The creator says they also recommend using “no hair, no makeup, and no fur” to ensure your avatar doesn’t “come off as “too real.

“They even have a link to a few more cat-inspired sites on the site, including one called “The Cat Collection.

“Check out the full list of avatar templates here.

What do you think of the new avatar design?

Are you interested in creating your own custom avatar?

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