How to design a machine-readable animal monogram for your home

The Monogram Machine is an open source machine-readable animal monograph design for homes and businesses, which was created by artist and design student Jody Dickson.

You can find the Monogram Design Project here, and the Monograms collection of monogram design templates here.

Jody designed the Monogem for her parents and her friends at her mom’s place, which she’s now selling on Etsy.

You should check out her work if you have an existing design or you’re interested in creating a new one.

Jody designed a new design template for her mother and her best friend’s house, but the template was based on the existing design.

Jacey also took her grandmother’s home as inspiration.

Jason and Jody hope to make more of these designs.

Here are the main features of the Monos:Each monogram consists of four letters.

The letters stand for the individual elements in the design, and are arranged in a row or column, as in the example above.

The monogram is then used to create a stamp on the wall, or on the door or window.

The stamp is the only thing on the Monograph that is not made by hand, and is printed on the paper, not the ink or paint used to print it.

The Monogram is the first monogram project I have ever created, and I hope to do something similar for other homes, businesses, and other creative outlets.

If you have any questions about the design process, or have suggestions on how to improve it, drop me a line in the comments below.

Jodi Dickson on Twitter: @jodiedicksonart, on Instagram: jodiedion, on Facebook: Jody’s Mom

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