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The NFL and ESPN are making it easier for players to share videos on social media, using a new feature designed to make it easier to share your artwork.

With the new design, you can now select a video icon in the player section of the player profile, select it, and then tap on it to share it.

This will also make it easy for other fans to easily find it.

The new design will be rolling out in phases to all NFL players, starting with this week’s preseason game between the Cleveland Browns and San Francisco 49ers.

This change to the Player Profile section, designed to streamline the sharing of your artwork on social networks, will be made permanent as part of a planned redesign to the NFL’s player section.

The change will also be rolled out to the league’s Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages.NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported the news in a series of tweets on Monday.

The changes will also go into effect for the 2016 season, but it will take a few weeks to roll out to every team.

In this week of the preseason, we will be releasing an update to the Fan Experience section that will introduce a new layout and a new way to share artwork on Twitter, the new @NFL app, and the new #NFLWeekend hashtag.

This update will also include some updates to the Instagram and Fan Experience sections.

You will also see a new, redesigned Twitter avatar, a new design for the Instagram app, the ability to share content on social channels through Instagram’s new embeds feature, and more.

We will continue to roll this out throughout the preseason and into the regular season.

Here is the new Fan Experience layout:The new design allows you to create your own graphics, with new elements that make sharing your artwork easier.

You can create a fan avatar by choosing a custom color, an avatar with a background, and an avatar for each team that is a favorite.

You have the option to use different font sizes, the option for the player to choose their own logo, and a variety of text styles.

This new design is designed to bring more attention to your artwork and to encourage more fans to share.

This is a big one.

This redesign is one of the biggest and most noticeable changes in the entire NFL, as it’s a major step toward making your art available to all fans and more of the fans to see it.

And it’s also a huge step toward helping your team and the fans on your team have a better understanding of your work.

The fans can now see that you have a very good understanding of the way they want to see your artwork, and it will also give them more of an insight into how the fan experience works.

There are other changes in this week as well.

There will be a new section called the “Franchise” section in the Player profile, which is designed for fans to find information about the teams that they follow.

This section will be more like the player page on Twitter for the Cleveland Cavaliers and the San Francisco 39ers, and will include stats for each player.

Fans will also have the ability now to select their own custom logo, which will be the same one they have used for years on their Twitter account.

Fans also have access to the “Follow” tab, which allows fans to keep up with who is following whom, and what teams they are following.

This new section is also designed to give fans the ability not only to get updates on what is going on with the NFL, but to see what other fans are talking about in the league.

This means you can see what fans are saying about the Browns, Bengals, and Cowboys, for example.

There are also new sections for players, including the “Draft” section, which lists players selected in the first round, and “Draft Day,” which shows how many teams are selecting players in the upcoming draft.

This is a way for fans, fans of all backgrounds, and fans of the NFL to keep in touch with their favorite teams.

Fans will also now be able to share their artwork directly through Twitter.

This includes using the new “follow” button, which lets fans easily share images, video clips, and text about their artwork on their favorite social media platforms.

This feature will also work with the Twitter feed for the NFL Players’ Association, which has been working to make its social media platform better for fans.

This week’s changes are the latest in an ongoing effort to streamlining the fan interaction and visibility of the league, which could help the NFL achieve its goals of increasing its digital reach.

The NFL’s Fan Experience redesign is designed in part to make the process of sharing art more engaging and engaging.

Fans now have the opportunity to follow and interact with their fellow fans in the same way they would interact with a friend.

This also makes it easier and more efficient for fans and players to interact with one another on Twitter.

The design will help to

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