How to get the most out of Adobe Photoshop CC

When you’ve just finished an article, you might want to save it to your hard drive.

But if you’ve never done this before, it’s possible to go a bit nuts with Photoshop.

If you have a good memory, it might even be worth it to open up your document, open up the Photoshop document viewer and do some crazy things.

Here are a few of the things you can do. 1.

Create a new document for each new image file You can create a new file for each image you want to create in Photoshop.

To do this, select File > New > New Document in the document viewer.

Choose an image from the dropdown menu and then choose Edit > File.

Choose a name for your document and then click OK. 2.

Change the file extension of the image file In the document, choose File > Open from the File menu.

Choose the image and click OK to open the file.

If the image you’ve selected has a file extension that ends with a .png extension, the file will open as a PNG image.


Use a different image for each page You can use an image that has a different file extension or even one that doesn’t have a .jpg extension.

To change this, choose Edit> File > Set Image… from the Document menu.


Use the “Advanced” options to make a lot of different changes You can do things like change the colors of the document to match the image, change the background color of the text or change the font size of the file to match your image.

To find out how, click on the image below to open it in Photoshop and see how different of these changes can make your document look different.


Save a single image and use it in many different document types It’s possible for you to save a single file and then use it for many different types of documents.

To save a file for multiple images, choose Open from File > Save as… and then save the file as a PDF document.

To make a file available for download and import, choose the file in File > Export from the Export menu and choose Import from the Import menu.

For more information on saving files and importing them, see this tutorial.


Use Photoshop’s preview features to create a series of images to show off a specific part of the artwork If you want something to be shown in Photoshop’s Preview window, you can use the Preview tools to create the image.

Click on the Preview icon on the toolbar and then select the image to create.

In the preview, select the layer mask that you want displayed in the preview.

Click OK to finish.


Make a series for multiple pages of a document by using Photoshop’s “Crop” and “Paste” features To use this technique, you first need to have the Photoshop program open a new folder in the current folder.

To open this folder, right-click on the file you want in the file menu and select Open in File.

Select the File Folder that you opened earlier in the project and click Open in New Folder.

In Photoshop, click the + icon in the toolbar to add a new File.

Name the new file and click Add to open its dialog box.

Select File > Make a New Document… from there.

Select a folder that contains the image or a file that you would like to use as the source of your image file.

You can choose either a single document or a folder and then you can name the document.

You then need to choose whether you want the document in Preview mode or in the Document Viewer.

Select Preview from the Options menu.

If in Preview Mode, choose View in Document View mode.

Click Open Document from the Project menu and you should now see a new window in the top right of the window.

You now have a folder with an image file in it called Image.

Select this image and you’ll see a preview of the contents of the new folder.


Create images from text You can make images from a single text file, a document, or an image.

If your text is a lot longer than a single paragraph, you may want to split the image into multiple images to create some sort of thumbnail image.

First, right click on a text file and choose Open.

You’ll see this dialog box pop up.

In this dialog, choose Create an image with Text… from Image….

Choose one of the images that you’d like to create and click Create.

Click the Create button and Photoshop will create a thumbnail image of the selected image.


Use image editing software to change the colour of text You may also want to make some changes to the image that’s currently displayed.

If, for example, you’re creating an image for a book, you could change the image colour by selecting the image in the image viewer and choosing the option that changes the color of a selected area of the page.

To create an image using this technique and then apply it to the document itself, choose Image > Adjust Image to adjust

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