How to make a Jaguar animal design that’s fun to photograph

A cat, an iguana and a dog are just some of the animal designs that have appeared on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Here are some tips to make sure your animal design is entertaining and looks professional.


Make sure your cat and dog are wearing appropriate clothes and not in a “fur-lined” state.

Some cats are more playful than others, so it’s best to make them comfortable, especially if you are bringing them to the park.


Add a few details to your design, such as earl grey, white, black or white with black.

If you have a few animals, make sure they are all the same colour and the same size.


You should include a photo of the pet or the owner in your design.

It’s better to have a small group of animals in one photo, rather than all of them being too close together.


If your design is too long or too short, use a larger, more professional-looking photo.

This is because it will help to show your designs on Facebook.


When posting your animal, please include a link to your animal photos on Facebook and Instagram.


Keep a good eye on your design for updates and make sure you keep up with new designs.

For more information on how to design an animal, read our article on how cats and dogs are made.

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