How to Make an Animal Character in 3 Easy Steps

The idea is simple: draw a character in a way that lets you know it’s a character, but you don’t know how to make it move.

The character is basically a cartoon face, and when you play with it, you can create the sense that it’s inanimate.

You can make a character that moves, but there are limits.

Here’s how you can get started.1.

Set up the design space.

You can set up a room in your office or a bedroom, but the best place to start is a studio or a conference room.

This space will be the place where you’ll start.

You don’t have to use all the design resources you can find in your design studio, but this is where you can start building.2.


There are many ways to make a sketch, but we prefer to use the following methods:Using the drawing tool, draw a rough outline for the character.

It should look like a person with a few facial features.

Using a pen, draw the silhouette of the character in pencil.

It’s important that you leave enough space between the sketch and the drawing so that the character doesn’t just “move.”

Make sure that the drawing has enough width to give the impression of movement.3.


Make sure you’re painting the character correctly.

You want to be sure that you can see the outline of the silhouette.

This means using a sharpened brush, not a paint brush, but a fine brush with a thin tip.4.

Select the shape.

This is a key step in your sketch.

Select one of the shapes that you want to sketch and then paint over it with the pencil.

You need to make sure that it is still clear that it belongs in the character and that it doesn’t blur.

The shape should be centered in the sketch.5.

Mark it with a paint.

You should use a pencil to mark the outline, but not the outline itself.

You might want to make the outline a little thicker, as you’re not done painting the sketch yet.

You’ll want to add a little bit of paint to the outline so that you’ll know when the shape is done.6.

Create the shading.

Start by sketching over the shape, starting from the left edge and working your way down.

You may have to do this step multiple times to make everything look right.7.

Add shading.

You’ve just drawn a character and you’re ready to create the shading for it.

Select a line and paint over the outline.

It needs to be smooth and you don

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