Irish dog owner to pay €500,000 for puppy tattoo

An Irish man is to pay more than €500000 for his prized pup’s tattoo after the animal’s owner went into hiding.

The owner of the four-month-old puppy, named Paddy, is currently being held in the Cork City Sheriff’s Department after he was found guilty of the animal cruelty offence.

Paddy is believed to be the first animal to have his tattoo done by a tattoo artist in Cork.

The dog was seized from the owner of a house in the city in October 2014.

Paddock was then taken to the Cork County Animal Control Centre where the tattoo was done.

The tattoo is believed, at the time, to be a representation of Paddy’s head.

The Cork City Council had the pup’s head tattooed on Paddy but the owner refused to go on the record to let the tattoo artist know about it.

Parma’s owner was in hiding after being found guilty in the case and his lawyer has been trying to get a judicial review of the case.

Parais solicitor, John Daley, said he was trying to put an end to the case because he felt the tattoo had become a symbol of Parma’s identity.

Mr Daley said Parma had not only been ostracised but was also branded as an animal by people in the community.

He said he wanted to put a stop to it and had received a letter from Cork County Council.

“We’re asking for a judicial appeal.

It’s a case of the public getting involved in their own way,” Mr Daley added.

Palais owner, Michael Murphy, was arrested in November 2014 after being charged with animal cruelty and possessing and causing to be possessed with the intent to sell an animal cruelty device.

He was initially sentenced to eight months in prison.

He pleaded guilty to possessing a weapon in the commission of an offence and was sentenced to three months.

He is expected to be released from jail in December and is due to appear in Cork District Court on December 13.

Mr Murphy was released on licence in February after serving two years in prison for possessing the weapon.

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