‘It’s a good thing’: Washington, D.C. vet’s pet design helps rescue animal patients

D.M. Wilson, the owner of a service animal design business, is using his design skills to help a small number of animal patients get their pets back.

The business is called Dogz for People, and it helps people with special needs.

Wilson’s dog, a 7-year-old Chihuahua named Zora, is a member of the Chihuahuas Club of America, which vets over 1,000 dogs each year.

He says his dog Zora’s health and behavior have been improved over the past year by getting help from a different dog-training company.

“I have a lot of dogs,” Wilson said.

“And I love to have them around, but they don’t like to be in a crate, and they don-t want to be put down.

So when I got this new dog that I had, I went to the Vet and they put him into a crate with Zora.

They told me, ‘You’ve got to give him a crate.’

So I put him in a dog crate.

I’m not the only one.

So it’s a positive thing for the community.”

He says the dogs that he has adopted from the club have also been able to recover.

“The first dog that we got was a dog who had been a rescue dog, who had a seizure disorder, who was a carrier dog,” Wilson explained.

“But we were able to get the first dog out of that crate, because it was very difficult to get in the crate.

So she’s doing fine now.”

Wilson is a certified veterinary technician, so he’s familiar with dog training.

“This dog is in a very good situation,” he said.

Zora is a good example of how a good dog design can make a big difference.

She’s an energetic little girl who loves to play.

She’s also a very gentle dog.

We know her to be the most loving dog around, and she has such a sweet personality.

Zara was not the most social dog.

She was very playful.

She’d jump on me and be like, ‘Go on, Daddy,’ or I’d be like ‘Mama,’ and she’d jump and bark and stuff like that.

She didn’t like having a leash.

So we had to bring a leash with us and it was just a really nice addition for Zora to have.

She loves to be around people.

She loves to have a social life with people.

It’s really nice to have that for her.

“Wilson says his business is not a replacement for a trained animal, but it does help him keep Zora happy.”

We get all these dogs, and sometimes you want to give a dog something special, but the dog is still the same dog,” he explained.”

And this is a wonderful way to give her something special.

So that helps me keep her happy.

“Zora has been a wonderful companion for Wilson.

He said he has been able have a conversation with his dog while she’s in the room.”

She doesn’t have to be here all the time, and I can have conversations with her and talk about her,” Wilson remarked.”

Zora can also come into my office to sit on my lap and get her food and her exercise and everything that’s good for her.

She can be on my desk and she can go and play, so that’s really important for me to have her with me.

“Wilson said that while the dogs in his business are helping people with pets, the animals that are coming into his business also make a positive difference.”

I make money by making a living.””

Because this is the way that I make a living.

I make money by making a living.”

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