Jaxon has unveiled a brand new home animation studio

The home animation industry is slowly dying, but there are some exciting developments in the making.

The Japanese company Jaxons animation studio announced today that it has been awarded a $150 million seed round led by a group led by investors including Google Ventures, NewEgg, and Qualcomm Ventures.

The investment round will allow Jaxmans to accelerate the development of its animated home animation software and products.

The company has previously focused on home entertainment with the Jaxos DASH, which was developed in partnership with the makers of the popular YouTube series, Pokemon Go.

The DASH has become the leading home entertainment platform and is now the only one with a truly native app on iOS, Android, and Windows.

The studio’s new product, which is called Animojan, is the culmination of Jaxones vision for the home, with an animated home as its foundation.

It features a home-inspired interface that lets users create, edit, and share animated GIFs with their friends, and lets them create and edit their own home-themed apps.

This is not the first time Jaxona has created a home animation product.

The animation studio has created animated GIF tutorials for various developers over the years, and has also developed software to help people create interactive, mobile apps.

With the new funding, Jaxoni hopes to continue to deliver animated GIF software to developers around the world.

The new funding comes just a week after the company raised a $100 million seed funding round led, in part, by Google Ventures.

This funding comes at a time when animators in Japan are facing a growing shortage of animation software.

Last year, JAXon had to suspend production on its DASH due to a lack of funding.

Jaxson has since reworked its software to support iOS and Android, adding the ability to export animated GIF files, which the studio said will allow it to continue its work on the DASH.

In the coming years, JAxons hopes to make animated GIF a more widely used and accessible tool in the home entertainment market.

“The animation software market is going through an explosive growth period.

The software industry is changing rapidly, and we’re the first studio in Japan to have a dedicated software for animated GIF,” Jaxone co-founder and CEO Hiroshi Yamaguchi told Digital Trends.

“Animoji is the next big trend in animation.”

Jaxons animated home entertainment product will be available in 2018.

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