‘The Biggest Surprise’: A Pixar Animated Character Reveals What’s in Store for Disney World Animal Kingdom

In an interview with Bloomberg, Pixar Animation Director John Lasseter revealed some surprising facts about the upcoming Animal Kingdom animated movie.

Lassett explained that the Pixar team has been experimenting with creating characters that will be able to interact with people through their emotions.

“When we did Animal Kingdom, we knew what the movie was about,” Lassetti said.

“But we wanted to see how people would react to this.

That was a big goal of mine.

We want to see the characters react to each other, so we’ve had a couple of prototypes, and they’ve both been great.”

Lassetti also confirmed that the new film will include the first major animal attraction at the park: The Lion King.

“It’s not a new attraction, it’s an old one,” Lasso explained.

“It’s been around for decades, and it’s a really cool ride, but it’s very different to what the park is.”

The new Lion King is set in the kingdom of Nala, and is a major part of the overall theme of the park.

“We were inspired by the idea of the Lion King and the Lion Princess,” Las said.

“[We wanted] to create a place where we could actually see what they are capable of and the challenge they’re going to face.”

Lasso said that there will be “some new characters” that will make an appearance in the new movie, but he did not reveal which ones.

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