The ‘Celtic’ shoe designs are real and there are no fake ones

The “Celtics” shoe design that has been floating around Twitter for the past several weeks is real, according to an insider.

The shoe was originally intended to be a collaboration between Nike and Adidas, according the insider, who is not authorized to speak to the press.

The pair is now in production and is being worn by athletes including LeBron James and other basketball players.

The sneakers were first teased by ESPN’s Josina Anderson, who also tweeted photos of a pair of the shoes.

While the sneakers have never officially been released, they have been rumored to be available for purchase on the secondary market.

The shoes are made from the “Celts” brand of leather, according Nike.

The company’s logo on the shoe is an image of a Celtic with two Celtic arrows in the middle.

The symbol is also used on other Nike sneakers, such as the Nike Air Max 350.

It has been speculated that the shoes could be inspired by the “Hawks” and “Cavaliers” sports teams, which have ties to the Celtic language and traditions.

While some have been skeptical about the designs, others have been ecstatic about the possibility.

The designer of the “Kobe” sneakers tweeted that the shoe design was a joke and that he would be making his own.

“My design for the Nike Kobe sneakers will be a joke.

It will be one that makes you smile,” said designer/executive Nike creative director Ryan Shackleford, according a tweet by Shacklef.

“I am excited to create the next generation of the sneaker movement.

The Kobe series is going to be the first of many to come.”

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