Trump says he wants ‘big and beautiful’ office design for his office, not just a portrait

Trump said he wants his staff to have “big and wonderful” design for the White House, and not just the one portrait he’s currently holding.

In an interview with CBS News, Trump said, “The best picture is not the best picture, but if you’re doing a picture, then you have to be really good.”

The president said he’s been looking into a “big picture” portrait for the Trump Tower, and is “looking for somebody that knows how to put together a good design.”

In his interview with The Associated Press, Trump also said he doesn’t like to be photographed in front of his portrait, but he’s “always been very proud of that picture.”

“I want to be seen with the picture,” Trump said.

“I don’t care if it’s a portrait, I want to have a picture.”

Trump also said that he wants a portrait of himself to be used as a logo for the business and for a wall at the White Senate, but that it would be better to use a picture of the president himself.

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