Why did this Japanese cat designer design a cute sweater for the anime adaptation of the bestselling manga?

When I first heard that anime illustrator Haruka Yamamoto had designed a sweater for anime’s upcoming season, I was intrigued by her design.

I thought it was cute and adorable, and thought it would make an adorable and cute anime-inspired sweater. 

The sweater’s design was inspired by the design of the “Cat Furry Friend” manga, a popular manga by Hirotaka “Cat” Tanaka. 

A photo of the sweater with the anime logo was posted on Yamamoto’s Facebook page, and her fans instantly got into the spirit of the project. 

Yamamoto’s cat design has since been shared over a million times on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr, and it has inspired thousands of cats to adopt it, including the popular Japanese breed, Kitties. 

I am sure she’s proud of her creation, and would love to see more cat fans adopt it. 

But, is it cool anime design?

Well, it looks pretty adorable.

It has the classic Japanese pattern, which is a classic anime motif.

But it has also a cool twist: the sweater has a Japanese style tail, and the cats have fur to hide their fur.

The design is simple, but it makes a great anime sweater.

It is a great choice for a cozy sweater that will look good on a cat.

The yarn is pretty soft, and can be used for a variety of projects, from sweater blankets to cat beds.

The yarn is really nice and soft, with a soft feel. 

Cat Furs are the cats’ favorite clothing.

They love to hide behind cat fur, and when you wear it, you feel like you’re wearing a cat suit. 

In addition to being a cute and cute sweater, the sweater also has a great pattern.

You can find the pattern on Yamamura’s Etsy shop.

I am pretty sure I can find a pattern on Etsy. 

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments.

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